Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wow! Hard to believe it's been a year!

Here is Maddie in colored pencil.  We're trying to get moved from a drafty old house to a nice, beautiful home that's much closer to Rick's work.  I'm still working on my attitude.  School just about destroyed any desire I have to be an artist.  There seems to be a lot of personal issues here, some I just take personally and some I stand on moral ground.
It's been a really hard year physically.  I blew out my knee joint last December, finally had a partial replacement in June and then my other knee decided it required equal attention shares.  The last few days have been the most pain free I've had in a year.  I've spent many days crying in despair over the amount of pain I had.
I digress!  My colored pencils are the only thing handy and portable enough during the move that I can work on while resting in between packing and unpacking.  This isn't a great photo but what do you expect when taken with a phone camera?  It was fun trying to catch her playful spirit.  I'm still thinking about where to go with my art.